Data Room Access

Welcome to our Data Room Gateway Access Page

The company has decided to provide you direct access to our current Data Room instead of using the existing CRIISP deal room. This will allow you to conveniently view all the necessary documentation related to the investment opportunity with PowerCap Un Limited.

This decision is as follows: The Data Room contains sensitive information in the Information Memorandum and Pitch Deck, which outlines our commitments with our AAA-rated clients. It is essential for all parties privy to this information to maintain strict confidentiality due to its sensitive nature.

To access this valuable information, kindly fill out the Expression of Interest below and agree to our terms stated in the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) accessible via the link provided.

Once you have completed the online Expression of Interest, you will receive another email containing a link to access the online Data Room and review the documentation. Please note that downloading or printing the documentation will not be permitted.

We appreciate your understanding and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to connect with you.

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