PowerCap Battery
Powering your Home

Australian designed
and developed

The PowerCap solar battery was designed and developed in Australia to provide families with sustainable and affordable energy to power your home and electric vehicle.

The design also takes into consideration, Australia’s harsh and unpredictable climate to ensure long-lasting, reliable performance. 

Up to 20-year warranty

The PowerCap battery comes with one of the industry’s best warranty and the highest warranted throughput available on the market.

10x more power density

With the PowerCap solar battery you can charge your electric vehicle in as little as 4 hours, unlike many other chargers which can take between 8 and 40 hours.

Back up protection

Automatically detecting and adjusting to grid behaviour, the PowerCap® solar battery provides uninterrupted, guilt-free energy usage – even powering essential loads during blackout periods.

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