About Us

Company Overview

After a decade of research and development, the PowerCap® technology was released for stationary and mobile use in the commercial, industrial, and subsequent residential markets. Designed and developed in Australia, these innovative energy storage systems harness our doped-carbon structure in combination with Alkali and Transitional Metal oxides to deliver safe, clean and secure electrical energy storage cells and modules. Coupled with our in-house Battery Management System (BMS) and Energy Management Systems (EMS), our battery modules can be used in stationary and mobile applications safely with longevity.

Today, the PowerCap® technology is third party tested and certified by TUV to International Standards IEC62619 and is now available for stationary and mobile applications such as residential, commercial, industrial, grid stabilisation, VPP, micro-grid, off-grid, electric vehicles and other mobile applications.

Supported by a team of internationally registered, chartered, and accredited engineers, PowerCap Un Limited can deliver a world leading high power and energy density energy storage system that can last over 20 years in almost every stationary and mobile applications.

Our Purpose

To research and develop clean and safe energy generation, storage and backup technologies to improve the quality of living.

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