PowerCap Battery
Powering your Business
Up to 20-year
Made from
recycled materials
Australian Designed
& Developed
Backup essential loads
during power outages
Cleaner and safer
than lithium-ion
100% recyclable

Commercial Buildings

PowerCap® higher voltage battery units are fully integrated, centralised energy storage systems that can be scaled to meet the energy demands of any commercial business.

Suitable for manufacturing plants, cold storage facilities, warehouses, and distribution centres, PowerCap® technology delivers energy security and energy savings from clean, renewable resources.

Rural & Mining

Stationary and/or portable off-grid renewable energy generation, storage and backup solution for rural and mining applications are available utilising the long-life PowerCap® Energy Storage System.

Micro Grid

To advance the clean energy transition, PowerCap Un Limited has developed a Network Technology for Microgrid and Energy Trading applications. This technology enables community energy sharing and can also provide ancillary service support through periods of high voltage grid instability.

Grid Stabilisation

As we shift to a renewable energy production model, intermittent energy generation is causing instability to the electricity grid. The PowerCap® energy storage system can be used to absorb energy during high voltage periods and discharge energy in periods of peak demand.

Homes and businesses can take advantage of this variability by oversizing their energy storage system for the purpose of FCAS or arbitrage trading. Ultimately contributing to a safer and more stable electricity grid.

Virtual Power Plant

PowerCap® has developed a cloud-based power distribution technology that aggregates the power generated from various energy storage systems for the purpose of delivering peak load electricity or load-following power generation on short notice.