Electric Vehicle Applications

Passenger Electric Vehicle Application

PowerCap® battery system has a long service life and is warranted for a throughput that meets the frequent needs of a passenger vehicle, ensuring uninterrupted performance, 24 hours a day, all year round.

Sport Electric Vehicle Application

To truly demonstrate the superior power and energy density of the PowerCap® system, the team at PowerCap Un Limited has developed a battery that can power the GTe hypercar.

PowerCap® Technology was tested to the limit to deliver a truly balanced acceleration to torque driving experience.

PowerCap® technology was tested to the limit to deliver a truly balanced acceleration to torque driving experience.

Low-Speed Electric Vehicle Application

To meet the growing demand for electric transportation solutions,  PowerCap® Technology is well suited to power low-speed electric vehicles due to its inherent power density and naturally long lifespan.

Electric Scooter Application

PowerCap® is well suited to power two-wheeled vehicles, its lightweight variation maintains the same instant power delivery as the larger EV counterpart.

Electric Golf Cart Application

PowerCap® technology can be customised to operate seamlessly with embedded Solar Roofing on golf carts, which allows our range to charge when in use, as well as stationary, to extend the time between charges.

Forklift Electric Vehicle Application

PowerCap® has developed a logistics vehicle battery solution that can meet a variety of vehicle power needs. PowerCap® technology is designed to deliver the right combination of power, and torque and still maintain a smooth driving experience.

Commercial Electric Vehicle Application

PowerCap® technology provides a customised solution to meet the demands and working conditions of light to heavy commercial vehicles that is a safe, reliable and economical solution to reduce costs and increase efficiency.